• Creates your marketing strategy.
  • Manages your Reputation.
  • Influences your audience.
  • Engages your community.
  • Defines your message.
  • Expands your reach.

Meerkat The Market is a performance-based marketing agency, specialized in Content Marketing, Branding, PR, Social and Online Media.

About us

Our team of growth hackers has years of experience in providing marketing services to online businesses and startups.

Growth Strategy

Planning for growth is crucial for blockchain-based projects as the success of the blockchain relies on onboarding a large number of early adopters.
Meerkat the Market designs a growth strategy custom-built to your project to maximizeMore... »

Content Writing

One of the key elements to onboard numerous users is to convey a clear message, intelligible by all potential users.
Meerkat content writers are expert in translating complicated concepts into easily understandable contentMore... »

Community Management

Managing a community is a community effort. Meerkat has devised blockchain specific strategies that obtain maximal results and exposure for minimal costs.
Meerkat managed community starts with the client’s team and expands from thereMore... »

Our Services


A successful growth strategy is the cornerstone of onboarding masses of users. Meerkat devise a custom-built strategy for your project, designed to maximize returns on your budget and to leverage your team’s skills for optimal results.


Once you have settled on a Meerkat-approved strategy, our team begins to apply the specific multi-pronged approach that best suits your project.


If you already have a growth strategy and simply want to evaluate its soundness, Meerkat advisor will analyze it for you and point out its strong and weak points.

PR, Native and Community

Potential users need to know about your project and understand how it can benefit them. Meerkat crafts targeted messages, designed to reach your potential users where they are, through PR campaigns, native advertising and on social media.

Website Content

Leverage Meerkat writers’ skills at translating complex concepts into easily understandable content, so when users land on your site, they will understand what you do and how it benefits them.

White Paper

A White Paper is a key element in defining your project. Meerkat composes and writes your White Paper to ensure all the elements relevant for investors and users are optimally presented

Content Creation

Meerkat’s writers analyze the language and interests of your target audience directly on their preferred social network and composes skillfully written messages designed to grab their attention and engage them.

Content Distribution

Select content is distributed on the social media networks favored by your target users. Meerkat optimizes content distribution by maximizing the free options specific to each network and targeted use of the sponsored content.

Community Management

A community is a living organism. It needs constant monitoring, ranging from providing it with interesting material to monitoring and responding to the feedback of its members. Meerkat ensures your community is a warm and welcoming environment to your users and potential users.

Our Team


Noa Sulzer


Patricia de Hemricourt


Sarah Avnon

Account Manager

Rebecca Sou

Head of European Media Department

Elias Achour

Traffic Manager

Edith Slama

Content Development - Copywriter - Translator

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